Acne scars concern people of all ages and unfortunately affect not only the appearance of the face but also the psychology of the person. Acne Scars Treatment can effectively diminish the marks left behind by acne, with the most updated techniques.

In our doctor’s office, we offer comprehensive protocols for acne scars and their treatment depending on the extent of the problem, age and area of the acne.

These protocols, which are applied by the plastic surgeon Ms. Skolarikou herself, involve a combination of treatments that are adapted to the needs of each person, such as:

1. Microneedling with Autologous Mesotherapy

This is one of the gold standard treatments with proven results worldwide. Essentially, we take advantage of our skin’s own regeneration mechanisms with the multiple nudges from the special micro-needling device, combined with the infusion of autologous mesotherapy, blood plasma that is rich in nutrients that deeply nourishes and promotes regeneration.


The required sessions are 4-6 depending on each person’s needs.

2. Fractional Laser CO2

The particular treatment is applied through a unique type of laser that combats acne scars, skin discolorations and wrinkles and scans the entire surface of the face resulting to healthier areas of the face for quicker regeneration and healing.

Sessions are required during the winter months.

Frequency of applications: 2-4 depending on the needs of each person.

3. Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid fillers are applied to all kinds of scars, such as those resulting from trauma or acne. It is a unique form of liquid hyaluronic acid which is injected into the scars and helps to fill them by reducing their visible appearance on the skin.

The results are impressive and with duration.

Usually the application of injectable hyaluronic is combined with MICRONEEDLING & autologous mesotherapy for maximum results.

TIP TO KEEP: All the above treatments are combined with each other in protocols and time intervals recommended by the doctor.