Dark circles treatment – the ultimate choice for dark circles, wrinkles and bags under the eyes, immediately, painlessly and with impressive results!

One of the most popular techniques applied by the Plastic Surgeon in Athens, Maria Skolarikou, to patients from Greece and abroad is the application of special, thin-flow injectable hyaluronic acid under the eyes for the treatment of dark circles!!

The ages of the patients who visit us can be from very young people, usually around 20 to 25 years old, who due to build and heredity have intense circles and bags, as well as older men and women, with more severe problems in the eye area, wanting dark circles and their treatment to be permanent.


According to the plastic surgeon, the main reason we see dark circles or bags under the eyes more strongly is the appearance of the so-called “tear trough”, a type of fold that starts from the inner corner of the eye and extends to the cheek.

By placing hyaluronic acid fillers in this area, we lift the skin without causing swelling, “playing” with the light that no longer reflects inside this groove that we have now restored. Thus, we turn a convexity into curvature, giving a 3D effect that removes shadows, erases circles, makes bags no longer visible and treats fine wrinkles, for the effective treatment of dark circles.


1. Safe if applied by a qualified physician
2. Painless with the help of a special non-traumatic very fine needle
3. Immediately visible results
4. Ages: Above 18 years
5. Duration: up to 12 months or more depending on the incident

TIP TO KEEP: It is also combined with mesotherapy and injectable botulinum toxin

In no case can it replace the classic upper and lower blepharoplasty in people with severe skin sagging problems and an intense presence of fat under the eyes.