The “magical” combination of the action of the neurotoxin, with an injectable form of hyaluronic acid, is the cornerstone of the liquid Facelift!



Facial aging is multifactorial. With the effect of the years, changes are noticed which are mainly due to the following:

a) In the flaccidity of the skin due to the reduced production of elastin and collagen.

b) In the loss of volume mainly from the cheeks, cheekbones, temples and lips.

c) In photoaging, which results to a very fragile skin, with a tendency to create more wrinkles, that are both expressive and deeper.

d) In the progressive reduction of the bone mass (skeleton) mainly in the upper and lower jaw and in the eye socket.

Application and results


The secret of youth in the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, lies in the restoration of lost volume from areas that show volume loss over the years, instead of just “filling” wrinkles which is the most common mistake we encounter.

Therefore, by restoring the lost volume in the affected areas, we lift the affected area in depth, and as a result we correct even the most superficial imperfections. Then, in a more superficial way, with the unique “fan” method, we apply hyaluronic acid to the remaining areas that may need it, such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines and smoker lines!!

Neurotoxin, on the other hand, is an irreplaceable weapon when it comes to reducing the mobility of facial muscles that create wrinkles such as the forehead, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, the corners of the mouth and the chin.

In this way, within a few minutes, in the doctor’s office, painlessly, safely and bloodlessly, we turn time into our ally, providing a natural, relaxing, rejuvenated and youthful result. This is the “magic” of Liquid Facelift!!

The protocols that are applied are always individualized, adapted to the requirements and needs of each person interested. Photos are always taken before any application, which with the revolutionary 3D Technology imaging analysis, provide a picture of the final aesthetic result that will occur after the doctor’s interventions !!


Liquid Facelift is addressed to all those who detect changes in the face, neck or contour of the face. In addition, it is suitable for those who notice changes in the quality of the skin and its elasticity in combination with volume loss and flaccidity.
It is also aimed at older people, who have already undergone changes over time and notice more severe skin problems, but want to avoid surgery. This category of patients also obtains the desired result gradually and by simply maintaining the results afterwards.