Dermapen 4 is the most powerful ally against skin imperfections and damage, utilizing the beneficial properties of microneedling. This highly effective non-invasive resurfacing treatment is performed via a pen-like device that causes controlled micro-traumas to the skin. Through these pin-sized micro-injuries, skin cells are activated to produce new collagen and elastin.
With the most advanced microneedling device, the Dermapen 4.
Without bruises, we ensure maximum penetration of all the active ingredients that are contained in the treatment, so that we offer impressive results.
Ideal treatment for:
After sun exposure all summer, and the development of spots and freckles we all need to face 3 main enemies:
1. Photoaging
2. Discoloration (spots – freckles)
3. Dehydration
With the advanced technology of Dermapen 4 and with special parameters and protocols, these needs are fully covered. This miraculous pen treats a wide variety of skin conditions and deformities, in a painless, bloodless and fast way. The micro-injuries we cause to the skin are fully controlled and heal immediately, while we achieve the penetration of nutrients into the lower layer of the skin. The skin is renewed, regains its lost glow and hydration, while the marks, discolourations and spots recede noticeably!
With this offer you get a SPECIAL PRICE for 3 sessions plus 1 GIFT.