The Plastic Surgery procedure to treat protruding ears, is otoplasty.



Protruding ears are a congenital deformity that affects both boys and girls, in which the ear flaps are far enough away from the head or their size is large, as a result of which they look detached.



Otoplasty is performed on children from 6-14 years old, so that the development of the ear is complete. In children, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

In adults and in ages 15 and over it can be done under local anesthesia or subtle intoxication.

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon makes an incision behind each ear. In this way she peels off the skin from the cartilage below and forms the skeleton of the ear. With appropriate manipulations she forms the shape of the cartilage or even and removes part of it if necessary and then fixes it with absorbable sutures. The insicions are not obvious as they are hidden behind the ears.

This corrects not only the eardrums but also any other asymmetries of the ears.

The operation lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and the patient returns home the same day. It is recommended for young children to stay in the hospital for a day.

After the


Postoperatively there is mild swelling and ecchymosis in the area mainly behind the ears. A bandage is placed around the ears for a week and analgesics are administered orally.

Patients can return to their activities after 4-5 days if they are careful to avoid any injuries in the area. The same applies to children with an extension of ten days in the return of their activities and avoidance of exercise for any injuries.

If the sutures are not absorbable, they are removed in 15 days.



Possible complications, although rare, are:

  • Wound splitting
  • Hematoma, bleeding where you may need to return to surgery
  • Necrosis of skin or cartilage (rare)