Breast reconstruction is a major part of plastic reconstructive surgery and a large part of the specialization of plastic Ms. Skolarikou, during her training and retraining in major oncology hospitals in Greece and abroad.



After mastectomy or other causes such as an injury, which can cause partial or total destruction of the breast, the repair comes to give a very effective solution, as we shape the shape and size of the breast from the beginning.



Specifically, after mastectomy, either at the same time as mastectomy (immediate reconstruction ), or later (distal reconstruction), we can reconstruct the breast with the following methods:

A) With silicone implants

It is a surgical technique that involves the placement of silicone implants just like in a breast augmentation, usually performed in 2 stages.

In the 1st stage, the dilators are placed (inserts with saline), with the help of which, through the stretches, we create the case in which the permanent inserts will be placed.

In the 2nd stage, the dilators are removed and the permanent implants take their place.

At the same time or the next, the nipple-areola complex is created, either with free skin grafts and a small local flap, or with the help of a tattoo.

B) By using tissues from the patient herself

In cases that have been preceded by radiation after mastectomy, where there is a relative contraindication for the use of implants, tissues (flaps) can be used by the patient herself or from the area of ​​the abdominal wall, or from the back, with very good aesthetics and operational results.

In these cases the duration of the operations is longer and there is always a scar in the area of ​​the flap.