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Teck Neck Lines

Treatments for the Neck

In the modern lifestyle and especially in the era of lockdown, with the excessive use of mobile phones, tablets, zoom meetings, teak neck lines (horizontal lines on the neck) are a growing phenomenon. The ages that those lines appear, are getting younger and younger! These lines are quite difficult to treat without the help of an expert, which is why specialized neck treatments are the ideal solution to combat them!


As the name implies, these lines are created by repeated or prolonged bending of the neck down and forward in order to look at a mobile, computer or laptop screen. According to plastic surgeon Maria Skolarikou, “for every centimeter that our neck bends forward, more weight is added due to gravity throughout the area, resulting in visible horizontal lines that either appear or worsen”.



The skin of the neck is one of the most sensitive in our entire body. “The layer of the skin is very thin, therefore its content in collagen and elastin,” according to plastic surgeon Mrs. Skolarikou.

The doctor recommends taking care of the neck with the No. 1 line of skinceuticals that you will find in our clinic. Daily application of broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential, as UV radiation is responsible for sagging and creating lines on the neck.

“Also, the top antioxidant serums of Skinceuticals are richer than any other in vit. C, maintain elasticity and tighten the skin, thanks to their active ingredients that enhance the collagen production of the neck.

Finally, the use of the most specialized cream for the neck area from Skinceuticals, with retinol, firming tripeptides and collagen, could not be missing from the daily routine to prevent and treat the aging of the area. We apply the moisturizer after the antioxidant and before the sunscreen, on a daily basis, with movements from the base of the neck down, upwards to the area of ​​the lower jaw”, explains the plastic surgeon Mrs Skolarikou.


In our clinic you will find the most advanced and revolutionary treatments, bloodless, painless, with immediately visible and long-term results for the neck.

“As a plastic surgeon, I have all the weapons in my quiver to deal with mild, moderate and severe neck sagging problems. Teck neck lines mainly concern mild to moderate skin laxity, so they are usually treated with minimally invasive treatments for the neck in the doctor’s office.

First, we can relax the platysma muscles that contract and create the vertical bands with injectable botulinum toxin, according to Ms. Skolarikou.

Also for the regeneration of the skin of the area we can apply Dermapen 4 microneedling, for tightening and collagen generation, combined with HIFU 4D Linear Max, which contributes through advanced ultrasound technology to the transfer of heat to the deep layers of the neck that we straighten in the face lift for an even more enhanced tightening effect even 2 years later!

Also, with the application of thin injectable hyaluronic acid, inside and throughout the horizontal lines, it can instantly disappear by filling them!

Finally, the skinbooster mesotherapy, enhanced with neurotoxin or not, at regular intervals over time and the straightening threads in the neck area, contribute to its simultaneous tightening and straightening.

In the persistent double chin that worsens the image of the neck, we can immediately and painlessly apply a specialized fat-dissolving enzyme with permanent results in the doctor’s office!!