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Antiaging Facial Treatment with 5+1 Treatments!

Antiaging Facial Treatment

Sagging skin is inevitable as the years go by, since time does not leave much room for resistance. Fortunately, however, we are not alone in the fight against facial aging. Modern medicine has gifted us with the most sophisticated aesthetic treatments, which go against the laxity of the facial skin.

With advanced medical devices, modern methods and targeted active ingredients, you can achieve visible tightening of the face and restoration of the oval contour, which is a symbol of youth. Thus, your face can look many years younger and this effect can be maintained for a long time.

So that your psychology doesn’t get affected, along with your skin, discover below 5+1 antiaging facial treatments, which will improve not only your skin, but also your self-confidence!




The problem: Over time, our face changes, making the signs of aging noticeable. The most sensitive areas of volume loss, such as the neck, cheeks and contours of the face, are the most affected.

The solution: Face Lift can effectively treat sagging and sagging tissues in the neck and face area, bringing out its youthful appearance again.

The method: Face Lift is a completely safe and relatively painless surgical method to combat facial aging. During the surgery, the internal tissues of the face are lifted and its firmness is restored. The incisions are discreetly “hidden” at the border of the scalp and behind the ear, making the result even more natural. The operation takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia or intoxication.

The result: Face Lift will become your best ally regarding the antiaging facial treatments, giving you a natural result that can last up to 10 years. Without any alteration of your features, you will once again be able to admire in the mirror a face that radiates health, radiance and youth!



The problem: Strong expression lines, mainly in the area of ​​the forehead, mid-frown and “crow’s feet”, are a common problem faced by men and women, especially after the age of 30.

The solution: Neurotoxin treatment is a proven effective antiaging facial treatment, which inactivates the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles.

The method: The process of neurotoxin application is painless and quick. It is applied intramuscularly, with a very fine needle, to areas such as the forehead, mid-frown, “crow’s feet”, and the side of the nose (bunny lines). The procedure takes 15-20 minutes.

The result: The neurotoxin acts not only inhibitingly, but also preventively in the creation of expression wrinkles. With its use, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, without inhibiting the mobility of the face. The result? A face that looks more rested, renewed and bright, without altering its expression and normal appearance!



The problem: One of the first signs of aging is the loss of volume from areas of the face such as the cheekbones, lips and cheeks. This results in the creation of wrinkles in their neighboring areas, but also in the general relaxation of the skin in them.

The solution: The best solution to combat facial aging is hyaluronic acid! It is a completely natural component of our body, the “foundation” of youthful elastic skin. Hyaluronic acid is widely used to “fill” even the deepest wrinkles, offering a visible tightening of the face.

The method: Hyaluronic acid treatment can be applied to eliminate wrinkles, highlight the lips and increase their volume, restore the youthful oval contour of the face, as well as restore lost volume from the cheeks, cheekbones and the temples. The application of hyaluronic acid is short, painless and with immediately visible results!

The result: Hyaluronic acid treatment significantly combats the signs of facial aging, stimulating the regeneration of new cells and promoting youthfulness of the skin. The face regains its lost radiance and firmness, without altering its unique features!



The problem: Antiaging facial treatment is an issue that concerns us all. Before we even know it, the first fine wrinkles make their appearance, the skin slowly loses its youthful glow and the shape of the face stops resisting time.

The solution: Facial mesotherapy is the most modern solution in the battle – for men and women – against the signs of time, renewing and restoring the skin’s natural glow and elasticity.

The method: Facial mesotherapy with Micro-needling is done with the help of a dermaroller or with a motorized multi-needle head device. In this way, the penetration of all the components of the mesotherapy is achieved at the appropriate depth, enhancing the body’s natural collagenogenesis and skin regeneration.

For even more impressive results, you can choose mesotherapy with Skin Boosters, the new revolutionary mesotherapy materials, with enhanced antioxidant agents and an even higher collagen content.

The result: The results are immediately apparent. In addition to deep hydration, radiance and regeneration of the skin, facial mesotherapy also effectively combats early signs of aging. It tones heavily photo-aged skin, eliminates scars and fine wrinkles, giving a truly youthful face and look!



The problem: Skin aging is an inevitable process. Sagging, spots, wrinkles and fine lines are just some of the signs that time leaves on the face and neck.

The solution: As time becomes relentless, the more drastic the solutions must be. Dermapen 4 is the most advanced microneedling device and one of your strongest allies in the fight against facial aging.

The method: Dermapen 4 represents the evolution of all skin needling devices for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Without bruises, thanks to this particular device, the maximum permeability of the active ingredients applied in the treatments is achieved, with unsurpassed safety, speed and precision. Dermapen 4 treatments are ideal for fighting pigmentation, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

The result: A treatment with Dermapen 4 is a complete skin rejuvenation experience, which will keep your skin beautiful and healthy for a long time!



The problem: Over time, the skin on the face and neck loses its elasticity and collagen production decreases. Thus, the skin begins to relax and the first fine lines and wrinkles appear.

The solution: To combat facial aging, we present the ultimate firming treatment, HIFU. It is the only non-surgical face-lift method approved by the FDA. HIFU revolutionizes anti-aging technology by activating collagen production mechanisms. Thus, it delays the normal aging process, for a young and vigorous face.

The method: HIFU uses high-energy focused ultrasound technology, which targets the SMAS. By increasing the temperature in the area, controlled thermocoagulation is caused, which forces the body to neo-collagenogenesis, increase elastin and reconstruct the face. It is a non-invasive, painless and anesthesia-free method that can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté.

The result: The impressive results of the HIFU treatment are immediately visible, leaving a feeling of tightness in the application area, which gradually improves over the next 12 weeks. Smoothing out wrinkles, improving the double chin, lifting the eyelids, rebuilding and tightening the skin, are just some of the benefits of the treatment!



Modern antiaging facial treatments can provide visible skin tightening and effectively restore its firmness!

Depending on the degree of relaxation, the needs and wishes of each patient, at Dr. Skolarikou’s office, a personalized plan is formed – of individual or combined treatments, always aiming for the best result.

Contact the doctor today and give yourself the precious gift of a youthful appearance and mood!