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Laser bikini hair removal and preparation: What to look out for

αποτρίχωση μπικίνι λέιζερ προετοιμασία

Summer and swimwear are just around the corner, and you’re still wondering if laser hair removal is worth the investment? If you want smooth, hair-free skin, Alexandrite laser hair removal is the most reliable, safest option. Among the various areas where this particular form of hair removal can be performed, the bikini area is one of the most popular options. Laser bikini hair removal offers a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth, giving you the opportunity to feel comfortable doing away with traditional hair removal methods. Especially if you love spending your summers at the beach, but can’t stand having to shave and wax your bikini line yourself, laser will really save you. By choosing laser, you can say goodbye to unsightly bikini line rashes caused by waxing and shaving once and for all. If you want to get laser bikini hair removal and are wondering about the preparation you will need to do, below we provide you with all the necessary tips for a comfortable experience that will surely make you wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

Laser bikini hair removal and preparation: What to watch out for before the session

Laser bikini hair removal does not require any special preparation, however there are some things you should do. First, it is important that there has been no previous waxing for at least 2 weeks, while the area to which the laser will be applied has been shaved 2 days before. Shaving the area prior to treatment helps the laser focus on the hair follicles beneath the skin rather than the hair above the surface. This reduces the risk of burns on the skin surface and makes the treatment more effective and less painful. Also, make sure there is no irritation or inflammation of the skin in that area. If the skin is irritated or inflamed, it may be more sensitive to the laser, increasing the risk of discomfort and side effects. It is best to wait until any irritation has subsided before undergoing laser hair removal.

It is also important to stop taking any medication that causes photosensitivity of the skin before the hair removal session. Certain medications can increase the skin’s sensitivity to light, which can lead to side effects during the hair removal process. Of course, it is important that you have discussed this with your doctor in advance. We also recommend that you avoid sunbathing for at least 72 hours before your laser hair removal session. Sun exposure can make the skin more sensitive and can increase the risk of side effects from the laser energy, such as burns or skin pigmentation. Finally, although in general contexts laser hair removal is easily tolerated, as time passes and the intensity of the laser energy increases, the experience can become a little unpleasant. To have a comfortable, pleasant experience, if you feel that the level of pain is difficult to tolerate, you can apply local anesthetic cream one hour before the session.

Tips for the first days after laser hair removal

There are very few things to watch out for after bikini laser hair removal. First, keep in mind that you will need to book your next session approximately 40 days later. The intervals between sessions should not exceed 40-45 days, otherwise the result will not be the desired one. Also, now that summer is approaching, it is important to pay attention to which day of the week you will make an appointment for your laser hair removal. What do we mean by that? That if on the weekend, for example, you have arranged to go for a swim in the sea, it is good to have undergone laser in the bikini at least 4 days before, as it is not recommended that the area irritated by the laser come into direct contact with sea water and humidity.

By following these tips, you can ensure a safer, more comfortable and effective laser hair removal experience. By making sure that you have done the necessary preparation before laser bikini hair removal and by emphasizing the protection of the area after the session, you ensure a comfortable, smooth hair removal experience whose result will surely impress you. The Plastic Surgeon in Athens, Maria Skolarikou, has in her practice the ORIGINAL latest generation Alexandrite machine, the long pulse Laser Alexandrite 755nm. What more do you need to try it?