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Cheek fillers, for an impressive restoration of facial contours!

υαλουρονικό στα ζυγωματικά

The cheeks are one of the areas of the face that undergo changes over the years, as there is not only a loss of volume, but at the same time there is bone resorption. Thus, the firm appearance of the area is lost and the outline of the face is altered, resulting in the face looking sad and tired. If we consider that “full” cheekbones are one of the dominant characteristics of a youthful face, replenishing their lost volume helps to regain a youthful, fresh appearance. The ideal treatment in this case is none other than cheek fillers, which help to enhance their volume and restore the contour of the face, without in any way altering the characteristics of the patients.

What improvements can be made with cheek fillers?

Injectable cheek fillers are applied to the specific area in order to achieve various aesthetic improvements. First, they increase the prominence of the cheekbones and give a more youthful appearance to the face. If the structure of the cheekbones is such that their projection is reduced to non-existent, by applying the material, the cheekbones are accentuated and the desired facial angles are created. In fact, depending on the application technique and the amount of material injected, the final result may differ. Thus, it is possible to fill sunken temples, amplify the “apples” of the cheeks, increase volume, improve the contour of the face, correct asymmetries and lift the entire face (nasolabial folds, contour, neck). The secret, says Plastic Surgeon in Athens Maria Skolarikou, lies in the placement of the material — in the right place, for each individual. The goal of the treatment is for the final result to be perfectly integrated into the facial features of each individual patient and to look completely natural. In that way, we do natural facial contouring and highlighting.

Treatment process

Before the treatment, it is important to have a discussion about each patient’s desired goals and wishes. Once it has been decided that cheek fillers are indeed the right choice, following instructions are given, such as avoiding alcohol for 3-4 days before the day of treatment and stopping anticoagulants, if not necessary for medical reasons. Before the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to the injection area to minimize discomfort. The hyaluronic acid is then injected under the skin on the cheekbones and gently massaged to distribute the material evenly.

Recovery & duration of results

While the result obtained after injecting hyaluronic acid in the cheekbones is immediately visible and thanks to the doctor’s non-traumatic technique, there are no bruises, ecchymosis and pain, only a very mild edema. Usually, the final result is visible once the material takes its final position and the swelling subsides, which may take a few days. The final result is impressive, highly natural and offers a unique improvement to the entire face. In fact, when hyaluronic is applied to wider and “static” areas, where mobility is limited, it tends to last longer, unlike areas that show increased mobility, such as the lips. Treatment typically lasts over a year as long as patients maintain results with appropriate in-office antiaging protocols and appropriate home care products.