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20 Days to Celebrate You! Celebrate Life & Beauty!

Ideal Facial Treatments

“It is a fact that this year we will celebrate differently. This year we may not go out, we may not meet a lot of people, but at least let’s look in the mirror with a smile, celebrating the best version of ourselves with our loved ones, while applying the ideal facial treatments for the ultimate renewal.

I believe that we are all born beautiful inside and out. More generally, but also especially now, in the special time we are going through, investing in our external beauty renews our morale and psychology.

The protocols chosen by the most specialized plastic surgeon in Athens M. Skolarikou, for each individual, are based on the age, needs, lifestyle and wishes of her patients, in order to immediately feel the renewal, freshness and rejuvenation they are looking for.

See below, depending on your decade, the renewed face and neck, antiaging, nourishing, firming and brightening protocols that offer maximum results individually or even better in combination. Within the first 20 days you will immediately see the difference with a duration of 15-24 months!


This is a critical age, where lifestyle, diet, habits will determine the future of skin health, its quality and its future needs.

In this decade it is very important to PREVENT and address needs validly before they become inflated.

1st. Proper balanced nutrition and hydration, sun protection always

2nd. Care – care of the skin and neck with appropriate pharmaceutical cosmetics. In our clinic we have the top No. 1 line of SKINCEUTICALS for every skin type, need and age.

3rd. SKINBOOSTERS mesotherapy on the face and neck for regeneration, hydration and holistic care of the skin on the face and neck.

4th. Hyaluronic in key areas for erasing shadows or fatigue, such as the area under the eyes, lips, nasolabial.

5th. Facial cleansing with advanced AQUAFACIAL technology.

6th. PDO threads on face and entire neck. (lifting through directed collagen generation, regeneration and firming).


The first signs of sagging and aging have made their appearance and certainly after 40 the changes that occur are rapid. Our good DNA is not enough, the prevention of previous years helps, but it is definitely TIME for ACTION!

Neurotoxin: ideal for expression wrinkles on the forehead, mid-frow, crow’s feet, around the mouth, neck, corners of the mouth. Prevention and treatment as well as tightening and lifting of the face and neck.

Hyaluronic acid. We use hyaluronic acid in different densities, as a replacement material for the lost volume, after a careful study and analysis of each face, achieving natural results lasting up to 2 years. In our clinic you will find the most advanced application techniques in the most demanding areas of the face and neck, with non-traumatic microcannulas, which make the treatment with hyaluronic painless and without bruising, which has ranked us very high in the preferences of our patients from all over Greece and the whole world.

HIFU treatment 4D MAX (the bloodless facelift) the power of ultrasound in the deepest layer of the SMAS that we lift in the classic facelift.

Dermapen 4 microneedling:

Lifting threads 8d: Thanks to the special suspension technique applied, excellent results lasting up to 2 years are achieved even on heavy faces with intense relaxation!

Areas of application: contour/neck/cheekbones/cheeks/area above the eyebrows

skinbooster mesotherapy or autologous mesotherapy

permanent injectable liposuction jaw

TIP : Of course, all the above ideal face renewal treatments are combined with each other with the guidance of the doctor.


Key for this decade and the next is the consistency and systematicity of the treatments that have preceded in previous years. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Not much changes in relation to the protocols followed, which are combined with each other, adapted to the needs and of course where required we add more invasive, surgical solutions, such as mini neck lift, face lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty.

This year, invest in yourself! With the expectation of a new covid-free year for all, with health and well-being for all humanity.