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The 6 Most Popular Spring Beauty Treatments!

spring beauty treatments

The TOP non-invasive beauty treatments in spring!

You just have to find which one suits you and your needs!


As a fan of natural beauty, plastic surgeon Maria Skolarikou, in order to achieve corresponding results, uses the best materials in personalized protocols, with adjusted density according to the area of ​​application, often combining them to achieve a 3D, total reconstruction from the bones to the skin!

With the hyaluronic acid treatment, the lost volume is restored, the quality of the skin is improved, the normal anatomy is restored, resulting in the lifting and tightening of the face as a whole!!

INJECTABLE RHINOPLASTY! Lunchtime rhinoplasty!

In the clinic, in just a few minutes, with the help of specialized injectable hyaluronic acid, we can make your nose more symmetrical, smooth its ridge so that it looks straight and not crooked, correct any drooping at its tip and generally improve any external deformities. The results offered by “Liquid Rhinoplasty” are immediately visible with a duration that varies from person to person and ranges from 8-12 months!


One of the most popular non-invasive beauty treatments in the spring, with a fanatic audience, is the placement of specialized hyaluronic acid under the eyes in the area near the inner corner up to just above the cheekbones. Essentially, we restore the lost volume in the furrow that is created under the eyes by playing with the reflection of light, giving shine and renewal to the entire area!


The “stronger” sex is ever increasing in our practice, following women in the most popular non-invasive treatments such as neurotoxin, hyaluronic, and even mesotherapy treatments!! Of course, the most popular and favorite operations of men are liposuction, especially on the abdomen, back, sides of the abdomen, the restoration of gynecomastia, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.


Dr. Skolarikou constantly emphasizes the importance of prevention, especially when addressing young women and men, or young people who are beginning to detect the first signs of sagging or wrinkles.

An important role is played in these stages by the use of leading specialized pharmaceutical cosmetics, such as Skinceuticals for every type of skin covering all needs, such as acne, spots, freckles, wrinkles.

In 2nd time, injectables such as neurotoxin, hyaluronic and mesotherapy treatments, peeling, prevent the appearance of expression wrinkles that can become static over the years, nourish the skin and help in the intracellular production of collagen and elastin.