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Breast enhancement: Everything you need to know

Αύξηση στήθους

Small or large, full or flatter, drooping or asymmetrical, firm or stretchy, every breast has a different shape, size and texture. Corrections in each of these cases are achieved with the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, breast enhancement with silicone implants. For many women, breast enhancement isn’t just about aesthetics. On the contrary, it is a procedure that can transform, beyond this organ – trademark of female femininity, and the self-confidence of every woman. It is important, however, that before a woman decides to undergo this procedure, she has been fully informed. That’s why Plastic Surgeon Dr. Maria Skolarikou presents you with a comprehensive guide, which covers everything anyone interested in breast enhancement needs to know. From the various options available to post-operative recovery and the emotional aspects of this process, the doctor makes sure to cover every question and concern.

Understanding breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to improve the size, shape or symmetry of a woman’s breast. This improvement is usually achieved with the use of implants. It is important to understand that breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure and the choice of implants, surgical technique and incision location can be tailored to perfectly suit the proportions and particular characteristics of each patient.

Choosing the right implants for breast enhancement

Choosing the right size, shape and type of insert is a critical decision. Primary goal of Dr. Skolarikou is to work closely with each patient in order to determine the best options based on proportions, preferences and the desired result. In terms of implants, silicone implants have mainly prevailed. These consist of a silicone gel that closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue. They are known for their natural appearance and are a popular choice for many patients. Now, the latest generation silicone inserts are much more resistant to rupture and last longer. Of course, the final selection of the most appropriate implants per case is always based on the preference of each patient in combination with detailed pre-operative measurements and the results of the previous clinical examination. The silicone inserts that Plastic Surgeon in Athens Maria Skolarikou chooses to use last for over a decade and are the best that have been on the market worldwide for many years, licensed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Surgical technique that is applied

Each case is carefully evaluated in order to select the most appropriate technique depending on the needs of each patient and the anatomy of the area. There are a number of different techniques regarding the site of the incisions and the placement of the implant, the most appropriate of which is chosen after a thorough evaluation and discussion with each patient. The aim is of course to achieve the best possible aesthetic result that meshes harmoniously with the rest of the body. The breast enhancement procedure is carried out under general anesthesia or even light intoxication with local anesthesia.

How long is recovery after breast augmentation surgery?

The recovery time is proportional to the technique applied, the particularities of each case and the patient’s compliance with the instructions. After the procedure, the patient remains in the hospital for a few hours or spends the night in the clinic for a maximum of one night. Removal of stitches is not necessary after breast augmentation, as the stitches are absorbable. In the first week after surgery, the aim is to rest and manage the pain, which is mild, with oral painkillers such as paracetamol.

At the same time, the patient will notice post-operative swelling in the breast area which gradually subsides over a period of 2-3 weeks. A bath is allowed after 2 days, while the return to work is possible after 5-7 days. The patient is asked to wear a soft sports bra that has no underwire. The return to sports activities is possible after a month and a half.

What kind of scars form after surgical breast enhancement?

Any surgery comes with scarring, and breast augmentation is no exception. But thanks to modern developments in the techniques applied, the incisions are hidden to the point where they become practically invisible. The incision is not visible, as it is “hidden” in the area of ​​the inframammary fold or peri-mammary, i.e. at the border of skin and nipple. Especially if the incisions are below the breast, it takes a lot of effort to see them. Most patients do not even notice them.

Is there a chance that the implants will need to be replaced in the future?

Technology has now dramatically extended the life of implants. Whether they will need replacement or not depends on their wear and various other factors such as: the appearance of a capsular contracture or the rupture of the implant. The risk of rupture, in fact, is related to the length of time the implants remain in the body. The other reason patients replace or remove implants is if they want to change the size or shape, if they have gained or lost weight and feel they need to adjust the size or shape of the implants to fit more harmoniously with the overall image.

Managing expectations after breast enhancement

Even when you know what to expect from your breast enhancement, it’s important to manage the expectations you likely have during your surgery and recovery. Keep in mind that your breasts won’t be in their final position until two months after surgery, so don’t worry if your implants seem particularly high or you’re in doubt about the shape. Especially if you take into account the edema in the area that exaggerates the final result, you will need to wait a long time until you see the final image of the breast after the procedure. The most important thing is patience. As humans, we want instant results and want a flawless image the very next day, but post-surgery recovery is a process that takes time.

Breast enhancement is a procedure that can boost both the external appearance, femininity and self-confidence of every woman. However, it is not a decision that should be made without careful evaluation. Understanding the various aspects of the procedure, from implant choices to post-operative recovery and the duration of the final result, is vital to making a fully informed decision. The Plastic Surgeon in Athens, Dr. Maria Skolarikou, can guide every woman with absolute safety on this transformative journey!