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Chin liposuction: The ideal choice for the ultimate facial contouring!

λιποαναρρόφηση προγούλι

Each face is unique, with special features that contribute to its overall charm. However, there is one aspect of the face that many wish to change: the double chin, i.e. the accumulation of fat in the forehead, which hides the natural contour of the neck. Although the double chin is quite common in men and women of all ages, fat accumulation in the specific area is persistent and unresponsive to diet, weight loss and exercise. The presence of excess fat in this area can hide the natural contour of the neck, thus changing the image of even the entire face. Aesthetic plastic surgery techniques, and more specifically chin liposuction, once again provide a solution to this issue. Chin liposuction is aimed at combating a double chin and reshaping the contours of the neck and jawline for a more defined, sculpted appearance. Of course, depending on the extent of the accumulation of fat and any concomitant sagging of the skin in the groin area, there are various options, even minimally invasive ones.

What is chin liposuction

Chin liposuction is a less invasive surgical technique for dealing with excess fat in the area. More specifically, it is performed to combat a double chin and reshape the contours of the neck and jawline for a more defined, youthful appearance. This procedure is important to be performed by a specialized plastic surgeon, in order to achieve the best aesthetic results.

Injectable lipolysis to combat a small amount of localized fat in the chin

People with a small area of ​​localized fat in the chin can benefit significantly from injectable lipolysis. Combatting fat in the chin through injectable lipolysis offers a non-surgical alternative for those looking for an immediate, painless option to combat the so-called double chin. This technique involves injecting a special fat-dissolving agent directly into the fat deposits in the chin. This material works by breaking down fat cells, which are then naturally metabolized by the body. The treatment is carried out in sessions until the desired result is achieved. 1 session every 1.5 months is recommended, as the material is highly reinforced so there is no need for tiring, weekly sessions. Once the optimal result is achieved, no other session is needed. As it is a minimally invasive technique, the procedure is bloodless and painless, while patients return immediately and without any problems to their daily life.

Double chin liposuction process & recovery

The process begins with a first appointment at the doctor’s office, during which the problem is discussed in order to propose the solution that best suits each individual case. The procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office with absolute safety, while local and not general anesthesia is required. Then tiny incisions are made in inconspicuous places, through which a thin, special cannula is inserted. The plastic surgeon uses this cannula to suction out excess fat, carefully sculpt the cheekbones and neck, and create a more defined, youthful contour. After the fat is removed, the tiny incisions are closed with very thin sutures that are removed in 5-7 days and leave no marks at all. After the procedure, a special bandage is placed. In the following days, mild edema and bruising appear, which gradually subside.

Chin liposuction and combination with the innovative Endo Lift Laser treatment

Now, chin liposuction is also combined with the revolutionary Endo Lift Laser technology, for extra tightening. Endo Lift Laser is performed using an optical fiber which is inserted through a very small hole or through the same hole through which the liposuction cannula was previously inserted. The surgeon then sweeps the entire area with vertical harmonic movements. The optical fiber through the thermocoagulation that the laser performs simultaneously tightens the skin. If there is a very small amount of local fat in the chin, this innovative treatment can be performed alone as it has also liposuction properties. Of course, the combination of these two procedures can offer superior aesthetic results that last for several years.

Who is the ideal candidate for chin liposuction and when are more invasive approaches indicated

Patients who are suitable candidates for liposuction in the groin have excess fat in the chin and, at the same time, sufficient skin elasticity. For patients with severe sagging of the skin on the chin and neck with concomitant volume loss, a neck lift is recommended. A neck lift is a suitable option for people who are bothered by the appearance of a double chin and the existence of extensive sagging in the area, looking for a more permanent solution. During this procedure, excess skin and fat are carefully removed and the underlying muscles are tightened to create a more defined and youthful neck contour. Of course, as with any surgery, it is necessary to consult a specialized plastic surgeon, who will be able to determine in collaboration with each patient individually the best approach to achieve the desired results. The Plastic Surgeon in Athens with a private practice in Kolonaki, Dr. Maria Skolarikou, has one goal: to help you achieve the best possible aesthetic result and to boost your self-confidence!