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Lip flip or fillers;

lip flip

Almost all of us now know that for a subtle increase in the volume of the lips, a plumping lip gloss can be very practical. However, for longer-lasting results, fillers, i.e. injectable hyaluronic acid, were the ideal choice until now. But did you know that injectable botulinum toxin can also improve the appearance of your lips? Yes, you read that right. This miracle injectable ingredient doesn’t just help smooth out dynamic expression lines. In fact, it can make the upper lip look fuller, provided the right conditions exist. We are talking about the new technique called lip flip, which apparently is here to stay.

In which cases is the lip flip indicated?

The lip flip is the new trend for a subtle lip lift, if someone does not want fillers or has already had fillers and does not want to add additional injectable material. It is also an ideal choice for patients with a gummy smile or for people whose upper lip disappears when they smile. At the same time, it is suitable for those who already have sufficient volume on their lips and simply want that something more. Lip lip offers a subtle and natural enhancement to the upper lip. It does not add volume but offers a gentle lift in the position of the upper lip as specific muscles responsible for lip movement are relaxed. Therefore, if your goal is to add volume, then it is not the ideal choice for you.

How is this injectable treatment performed?

The treatment is carried out by the targeted injection of a small amount of botulinum toxin into the corners of the mouth and near the “arrow of love” on the upper lip, aiming to relax the levator anguli oris muscle in the corner of the mouth, which is responsible for lip movements. The goal is to relax the specific muscle, as a result of which the upper lip “turns” upwards. In this way, it becomes more visible, full and lifted. Unlike fillers, this material is not injected directly into the lips, but into the levator anguli oris muscle. The treatment helps lift the upper lip in an impressive and highly natural way, creating the illusion of fuller lips. The procedure is quick, without causing pain or any particular discomfort.

Can I do a lip flip if I’ve already had hyaluronic acid fillers?

It should be noted that lip flip is not a substitute for injectable hyaluronic acid, nor does it “cancel” each other. In fact, these two injectable treatments are often combined, especially in cases of patients with lip asymmetries. By combining these two techniques, a balanced result is achieved by adding volume, where needed, through hyaluronic acid fillers, and correcting the shape of the lips with the strategic injection of botulinum toxin. The composition of the botulinum toxin ensures the desired lift, while the hyaluronic acid offers hydration and reinforcement of volume and contour!

However, the key to a successful lip flip is choosing a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Knowing a professional can ensure that the procedure is tailored to your facial structure and individualized goals. The Plastic Surgeon in Athens, Dr. Maria Skolarikou, is at your disposal, helping you to achieve the ultimate result you are looking for, highlighting your facial features with elegance and absolute naturalness!