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Flat Belly: Treatments for Women & Men

belly fat treatments

Belly fat is a persistent chronic “problem” for women and men and many times not only for aesthetic reasons, as it can be particularly dangerous for health. A flat stomach actively contributes to staying “in shape”. However, losing belly fat can be a difficult challenge. But our modern practice fully supports the most effective treatments for belly fat and more!


As we mentioned above, the consequences that abdominal fat – often referred to as internal visceral fat – can have on the human body are linked to a series of diseases in the organs, which cause a high risk of Type 2 Diabetes and other serious problems.

So, how do we “burn” fat to get a toned and flat stomach in a short period of time? Below, we will recommend the advanced aesthetic treatments of our clinic, which have really long-lasting results, giving you a flat stomach immediately.


For a flat stomach, we would like to start with liposuction, which significantly reduces fat cells and improves the area of ​​interest without losing weight. This treatment is the most common type of fat removal used in plastic surgery procedures for both men and women.

In this way, then, we deal with a widely appearing problem, local fat; local fat is often found in the abdomen and in other “difficult” areas of the body, such as thighs, buttocks, knees, etc.

In addition, to get a flat stomach and get even better results, we also recommend the liposculpture treatment. Liposculpture works in conjunction with the liposuction method and essentially “takes advantage” of the fat removed, improving the various deformities and asymmetries that may exist in the area of ​​interest. Learn more about liposuction and liposuction here!


Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure for a flat stomach, in which excess skin and fat are removed. At the same time, the relaxation from the entire abdomen is corrected. The aim of abdominoplasty is to tighten the walls of the abdomen that show problematic fluctuations, to strengthen the abdominals and to repair any hernia.

Tummy Tuck treatment can be successfully combined with liposuction and other appropriate body procedures, for enhanced aesthetic results. More specifically: In people who have massively and suddenly lost a lot of weight or in women after pregnancy/s, such as, for example, the Mommy Makeover that we will analyze immediately. With these treatments, you will get a toned and flat stomach without the unnecessary bloating!


Has your abdominal area developed sagging and stretch marks after pregnancy? Has localized fat appeared on your body in areas where it was not there before? Our clinic has the solution for you, with the specialized Mommy Makeover treatment!

This specific service concerns the total restoration of the female body after the childbirth process and is a modern approach to aesthetic plastic surgery for a flat stomach. Also, it can be perfectly combined with a mesotherapy and skin boosters or facial mesotherapy and microneedling for a more intense effect on your overall appearance!

Read more in our article: Mommy Makeover: Total renewal after pregnancy!


Want a flat stomach in 14 days? Vaser Lipo HD is the most innovative technology in the field of liposuction – not just for a flat stomach with abs, but for the entire body – and is ideal for men and women. The operation of Vaser Liposuction is based on ultrasound that melts the fat homogeneously and tightens the skin completely and effectively, being one of the most impressive treatments for belly fat.

A single treatment session brings the desired results, also offering you the following benefits:

Permanent result

Firming (thanks to collagen production)

Minor recovery

No hospitalization

Completely painless

Absolutely safe

Minimally invasive intervention

Without scars and marks on your body

Vaser can be applied to many difficult areas of the body for tightening, contouring and lipolysis. More specifically, however, in the abdominal area and on the sides of the abdomen, it visibly reduces localised fat and offers sculpted abs, a six pack and a flat stomach.


Of course, you can add to your program and daily life other useful methods to get a flat stomach. Of course, these ways are more time-consuming and with non-immediate results in the near future.


Regular exercise is definitely a great ally if you want to have a toned and flat stomach. So, if you have set and included this specific fitness goal in your fitness routine, then let us inform you that specific and specific exercises are needed to train your abdominal area, burn calories, activate the abdominal muscles and see the desired results.


Finally, if you are looking for more mainstream weight loss tips and ways to get a flat stomach in the future, then pay attention to a balanced diet rich in protein and fiber or the flat stomach diet you may be following, but without excesses – always consult nutritionists and your doctor.


The state-of-the-art medical treatments and “secrets” for a flat stomach offered by our practice have patients and their satisfaction as a top priority. Our experienced and specialized staff is at your disposal, in order to fully inform you about the treatments we mentioned and the other services we offer you.

Chat with us, ask us and choose the right treatment for you! Contact Dr. Maria Skolarikou and plan your next appointment!