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Neurotoxin Treatment and for Depression!!!

neurotoxin treatment and depression

And yet neurotoxin treatment also works beneficially for depression!!!

According to research carried out in the USA and announced at the 72nd Congress of the American Academy of Dermatology, 30 patients (men and women) with symptoms of depression, received neurotoxin treatment in the mesophrys and after 24 weeks of follow-up, an improvement of even 50% was found in Hamilton score on the depression table.


For 2 main reasons:

A) They report that the patients who received the neurotoxin treatment in the mid-frow area frown less, smile more, therefore have better social reactions that “raise” the mood.

B) For biological reasons. As it has been proven through brain MRI, when expressions of anger and frowning on the face are reduced, the transfer of messages to the corresponding center of the brain that is responsible for invoking feelings of stress, fear and trauma is also reduced!

So the benefits of a neurotoxin application session are multiple, having a beneficial effect on both our appearance and our psyche.

Spend a few minutes of your time and earn years!!!