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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Marks

acne scars and marks

Acne is a common skin condition, which can leave its “marks” deeply engraved, both on the skin and on our psychology. Acne scars and marks don’t just affect the look and texture of our facial and body skin. They also have negative effects on our self-esteem.

Fortunately, with modern medical treatments applied by plastic surgeon Maria Skolarikou to fight acne scars and marks, there is a way to restore the health of our skin and regain our lost confidence!

Continue reading and discover the most effective methods to enjoy clear and healthy skin again, free of pimples, scars and acne marks!


Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. It usually manifests itself in the sensitive period of adolescence, when the body undergoes a series of changes, mainly hormonal.

In recent years, however, an increased frequency of its occurrence has also been observed in adults, especially in women who belong to the age group of 30-50 years (adult acne). Specifically, it is estimated that acne affects 80% of teenagers and up to 12% of adults worldwide.

Acne can remain active for many years or subside after some time, but having left its scars. Unfortunately, its effects are not limited to unsightly pimples, scars and marks. According to research, people with acne problems tend to have low self-esteem, while some sufferers even experience depression.


Acne is a skin condition caused by increased sebum production. Dead cells and sebum build up, causing pores to become congested, resulting in the first symptoms of acne, such as blackheads and whiteheads (non-inflammatory acne). In more severe cases, the bacteria found in the trapped sebum multiply and cause inflammation in the skin (acne inflamma). This type of acne, in addition to superficial pimples, can cause deeper and more painful skin lesions, such as cysts and nodules.

Abnormal healing and untimely and inappropriate treatment of these inflammations are the main causes of scarring and acne marks. In fact, the more intense the inflammation, the greater the possibility of permanent scars remaining after the active acne lesions subside.


Acne scars can be quite intense and last for a long time or even be permanent. Even for the most difficult cases, however, modern medicine has given its answer!

In the office of Dr. Skolarikou, a number of comprehensive protocols for treating acne scars and marks are offered, depending on the extent of the problem, age and location.

Let’s look at some of the most modern and effective treatments below:


Facial mesotherapy with Micro-needling is a minimally invasive and painless treatment, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin and the smoothing of acne scars, enhancing the body’s natural collagenogenesis.

With the help of tiny needles, the penetration of all the components of the mesotherapy is achieved, at the appropriate depth and with varying intensity, depending on the area of ​​application and the needs of the face or neck. At the same time, collagen and elastin production activates the scar healing process, up to 60%!


Facial mesotherapy with micro-needling, in addition to acne scars and marks, also effectively treats early signs of aging, intense photo-aging skin and fine wrinkles, offering -at the same time- deep hydration, radiance and regeneration of the skin!


Fractional Laser CO2 is one of the most popular non-invasive treatments against acne scars and marks, skin discoloration and wrinkles. It works through the transfer of thermal light (laser light), which scans the entire surface of the face with thousands of bundles of heat, for faster healing and reconstruction of the skin, from the inside out.

By stimulating the fibroblasts found in the dermis, the fractional laser promotes collagen and elastin production, making it an ideal treatment for acne scars and fine wrinkles.


Reduction of the appearance of acne scars and other skin irregularities from the very first application. Fractional Laser CO2 effectively regenerates damaged cells, creating new and healthy skin, while its collagen production effect continues even up to 3-4 months after the treatments!


Dermapen 4 is an innovation in micro-dermabrasion treatments. This is the most advanced micro-needling device and one of the most effective treatments for restoring the skin from scars and acne marks.

Dermapen 4 has tiny needles, which – as the head of the device moves over the skin – create small holes, which contribute to the skin’s healing process by activating fibroblasts to produce collagen. Thus, the skin regenerates and the scars disappear.

Micro-needles treat acne scars without affecting the rest of the face. For this reason, Dermapen 4 can be applied to any area showing imperfections, even on skin with active acne, effectively contributing to its elimination.


The results of the Dermapen 4 treatment are visible from the very first session! In addition to the regeneration of acne scars, the treatment is also indicated for the treatment of photoaging, discoloration (spots – freckles) and dehydration of the skin.


Hyaluronic acid is applied to all types of scars, both traumatic and acne marks. In each individual case, the appropriate type of hyaluronic acid is selected, with the aim of “lifting” the atrophic scar and bringing it to the level of normal skin.

More specifically, the application of injectable hyaluronic acid with the special technique used by Dr. Scolarikou, helps dissolve adhesions and scar tissue that has developed between the skin and subcutaneous tissue, reducing their appearance on the skin. Usually, it is combined with micro-needling and autologous mesotherapy, for maximum results.


The results are immediately visible and can last from 6 to 18 months. The appearance of the skin improves, while the face regains its lost glow and youth!

Acne is a chronic disease that affects both our skin and our psychology. However, the scars and scars it leaves behind can be adequately treated thanks to modern medicine.

We will be happy to discuss your problem and offer you the most effective treatment!