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Say Goodbye to Dark Circles & Bags!!!

dark circles

It is a fact that the eyes are the mirror of our soul! That is why it is important for men and women to show as much as we feel, without dark circles, bags and fine wrinkles that, when they appear, alter our age and mood.

The most effective non-invasive method for these cases where dark circles and bags are found, concerns the application of specialized thin fluid hyaluronic acid fillers under the eyes.

According to plastic surgeon Maria Skolarikou, the main reason we see dark circles or bags under the eyes more strongly is the appearance of the so-called “tear trough”, a kind of furrow, or fold that starts from the inner corner of the eye and extends to the cheek.

“By injecting hyaluronic acid in this area, we lift the skin without causing swelling, ‘playing’ with the light that no longer reflects inside this groove that we have now restored. Thus, we turn a convexity into curvature, giving a 3D effect that removes shadows.

This application is very specialized, it is carried out in the doctor’s office only by the plastic surgeon and must always be done by doctors with experience and knowledge of the delicate anatomy of the area.

There is no recovery, the results are immediately visible and last from 6-12 months depending on the case, where the procedure can be repeated as the hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed. After the treatment there may be mild redness that subsides in a short time, or slight ecchymosis (not always) that also goes away in 1-2 days.

Your look will become fresher, younger and brighter and the only thing certain is that you will forget to reapply concealer for a long time!!