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The Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments for Men That Boost Confidence!

Αισθητικές θεραπείες για άνδρες

Looking in the mirror and noticing imperfections and the signs of age is not pleasant for anyone, not just women. Contrary to the common misconception that only women choose to turn to cosmetic plastic surgery, there are several cosmetic treatments that are an ideal choice for men as well. In fact, more and more men are choosing cosmetic treatments to fight and prevent the signs of aging or to improve the appearance of their skin. Of course, men’s goals for cosmetic treatments differ from women’s, as men wish to maintain the masculinity of their features while correcting lines, wrinkles and other imperfections.

Cosmetic Treatments for Men: Why Choose Them

While men have traditionally avoided cosmetic treatments because vanity and masculinity are traditionally incompatible, technological advances in cosmetic plastic surgery now allow them to restore their youth discreetly and with natural results. Today, there are modern cosmetic treatments for men with little to no recovery time and no risk, making them an ideal choice for a multitude of men who wish to beat the battle with time and eliminate any imperfections. For men looking to correct any imperfections, here are the top 5 and most popular cosmetic treatments for men, highly recommended by plastic surgeon Dr. Maria Skolarikou.

Injectable botulinum toxin

Injectable botulinum toxin is the number 1 most popular cosmetic treatment for men and is an ideal choice for men of any age who want to show off their most rejuvenated self. Neurotoxin injection works remarkably to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily inhibiting the movement of facial muscles, which prevents them from contracting and creating wrinkles. More generally, men tend to get deeper and more defined wrinkles over time. To prevent and treat the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, achieve a more youthful appearance and boost confidence, neurotoxin treatment is a choice no man will regret. The most common area of ​​application of the neurotoxin is the forehead, where men wish to soften deeper, more visible lines. The application of the material is carried out with absolute respect for male characteristics, for an extremely natural and at the same time impressive result that lasts up to six months.

Cosmetic Treatments for Men: Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Hyaluronic acid fillers are another extremely popular choice among cosmetic treatments for men. Being able to restore volume loss and smooth deep lines and wrinkles, it is widely preferred by a large percentage of men who wish to maintain their youth and improve their image. Hyaluronic acid fillers are ideal for contouring the face and enhancing natural features. A popular treatment among working men is hyaluronic injection to treat dark circles under the eyes. This material can provide a gentle yet dramatic change for a younger and fresher look by removing dark circles.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal is another popular procedure in the male population. It is very common for men to opt for laser hair removal to get rid of thick, unpleasant body hair. The laser hair removal procedure uses lasers to reduce unwanted hair growth in areas such as the chest, abdomen, neck and back, effectively eliminating the endless cycle of shaving, razor injuries and ingrown hairs. Treating hair growth with traditional methods can take a long time, so laser hair removal provides a significant time saver and permanent solution to unwanted hair growth. Laser Alexandrite hair removal is the only permanent hair removal method that eliminates traditional techniques, safely removing unwanted hair without damaging the pores and skin structure.

VASER Liposuction

Getting a fit body is a topic that concerns the majority of men. However, even men who exercise regularly and watch their diet can still have excess fat that refuses to go away. The solution to this annoying problem is offered by the minimally invasive method of VASER liposuction. VASER liposuction can target areas of the body that are prone to stubborn localized fat and sagging skin, from the abdomen to the arms. The function of VASER is based on ultrasound that melts the fat homogeneously and at the same time tightens the skin. Excess fat is successfully removed, while the procedure is completely painless with zero recovery time, which makes it extremely popular among the male audience.

Hair Transplantation

Androgenetic alopecia is an issue that concerns a significant percentage of men worldwide. Hair loss and the thinning it causes can have a significant impact on men’s psychology and self-confidence. Hair transplantation is considered by many to be the gold standard option for reducing hair loss and restoring hair density. Hair transplantation stands out as one of the most successful treatments for men who wish to defeat the battle with hair loss.

Cosmetic Treatments for Men: Ideal for eliminating imperfections

As the social stigma around men’s cosmetic treatments fades and the procedures themselves are now refined and natural, more men than ever are turning to them to banish the signs of aging and eliminate any imperfections. The Plastic Surgeon in Athens Dr. Maria Skolarikou is at your disposal to advise you on which treatment is suitable for your own needs.