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The top 5 non-invasive body treatments to bring out your most impressive self this summer!

Μη επεμβατικές θεραπείες σώματος

A few months left until summer comes and the first appearances on the beach begin! However, as summer approaches, so does body image concern. Quite a few women are looking for a quick and effective solution to get the most impressive version of their body in order to welcome the arrival of summer, which is just a few months away. However, the idea of ​​surgery to reshape the body can be off-putting because of the prolonged recovery time. The solution to this issue comes from the new technologies and techniques of aesthetic plastic surgery, with which significant improvements can now be made to the body painlessly, bloodlessly and with little or no recovery. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Maria Skolarikou recommends the top non-invasive body treatments, so you can get the bikini body you’ve been dreaming of!

Non-invasive body treatments: Injectable lipolysis

Now without the need for any recovery, in the area of ​​the clinic, the innovative method of injectable lipolysis is applied in terms of non-invasive body treatments for persistent local fat in the thighs, buttocks, arms, knees, abdomen, lateral abdominal walls and also in the double chin. This innovative technique achieves lunchtime lipolysis and liposculpting, painlessly, bloodlessly, and with impressive results. Injectable lipolysis is also an ideal option for the hard-to-treat area of ​​the fold just below the buttocks (banana roll), in which liposuction is not indicated. The concentration of localized fat in this area alters both the contour of the thigh and the overall image of the buttocks, but it can now be treated painlessly, bloodlessly and with permanent results. To achieve the ideal aesthetic result, 4-6 sessions are required in total, one every 1 to 1.5 months.

Cellulite treatment

In her office, Dr. Skolarikou applies a completely personalized treatment against the orange peel look. Cellulite treatment is performed with a unique 2-phase protocol. In the first phase, a special mesotherapeutic material is applied, which neutralizes iron molecules and restores the balance and structure of fatty tissue and persistent cellulite. The injection of the material is done through a very fine needle in all the affected areas with results immediately visible from the very 1st session, which last! To achieve the optimal aesthetic result, 8-12 sessions are needed in total, 1 per week, depending on the extent of the problem.

In a second phase, after the completion of all the injectable mesotherapy, plastic surgeon Dr. Maria Skolarikou performs the solution to persistent adhesions between skin and subcutaneous tissue that persist and worsen the orange peel appearance, for the effective, definitive and impressive treatment of cellulite. Now you can say goodbye to cellulite, with the most complete, innovative and effective protocol!

Application of specialised hyaluronic acid ideal for the body

Thought hyaluronic acid was only for the face? And yet, it can be applied with impressive results to the body as well, restoring lost volume and reshaping the body’s surfaces. At the clinic, Dr. Skolarikou uses a special hyaluronic suitable for the body to restore and improve the contours of the body, such as in the calves and buttocks, or to fill hollow deformities and scars. Hyaluronic acid fillers can shape and add volume to the buttocks, calves, arms as well as restore cellulite in a natural, painless and bloodless way. The results of the treatment are immediately visible and improve progressively in the first months after application, while they last up to 2 years!

Non-invasive body treatments: Trio X9 iShape

The American-made TRIO X9 iShape machine revolutionizes non-invasive body treatments, thanks to the collaboration of four powerful technologies for slimming, firming and fighting cellulite. The combination of these technologies allows a large number of treatments to be performed in just one session. This multi-machine combines the action of cavitation and ultrasound for lipolysis of localised fat, tripolar radio frequencies (RF) for tightening, collagenogenesis and cellulite treatment. At the same time, it has a special head for LED and Vacuum RF treatment that achieves tightening and anti-cellulite as well as bipolar radio frequencies (RF) for the face. Depending on the extent of the problem, 6-8 sessions are recommended in total, 1 per week. The treatment is completely painless and bloodless, while it is also combined with injectable body mesotherapy for even more impressive results.

In cases of moderate local thickness, less invasive techniques with significantly shorter recovery times can be applied, such as VASER liposuction. VASER liposuction can target areas of the body that are prone to stubborn localized fat and sagging skin, from the abdomen to the arms. The VASER function is based on ultrasounds which homogeneously melt the fat and at the same time tighten the skin. Finally, in small areas with moderate localised fat such as the sides of the abdomen, knees and adductors, liposuction can be performed in the office with local anesthesia, without the patient undergoing the procedure of an operating room.

Now you too can, painlessly and bloodlessly, reveal the ultimate bikini body this summer! The pioneering non-invasive body treatments applied by Plastic Surgeon in Athens Dr. Maria Skolarikou, fight local fat, cellulite and skin relaxation without scars, incisions and prolonged recovery time. What more do you need to try them?