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Less is More!

The motto above is completely compatible with our philosophy!

“The best plastic surgery is the one that cannot be perceived by the other person, according to plastic surgeon Mrs. Skolarikou. If you can detect it, then it’s just bad plastic surgery.”

And this does not only apply to fillers or neurotoxin, where the right thing is for your friends to think that you have either returned from a holiday where you rested enough, or changed your make up or hairstyle.


A good facelift makes your relatives hope they will inherit your wonderful genes, or a successful rhinoplasty makes friends notice your big eyes, instead of noticing that something has changed in your nose!

And we achieve all this together!!!

The most essential thing is the relationship of mutual trust that exists with our patients. This relationship is built on solid foundations over the years and is based on the common “aesthetic” perception between us. As a plastic surgeon I may be an expert in surgical techniques, but you are even more expert in what your face needs and what fits your lifestyle.

In our hands you will forget the excesses of past decades! In the 70s there was a trend of extreme blepharoplasty surgeries that destroyed many eyes and made them unnaturally round and small. Or the almost “mutilated” French noses of the 80s led to the boom in rhinoplasty in the following decades.

Our goal is to highlight your natural features, which will enhance your natural beauty over time, in a safe and effective way.